Audiology Services & Products

Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

Diagnostic Assessments For All Adults

Each hearing test offers an in-depth diagnostic assessment and report. We provide specialized assessments of the brains hearing pathway, which go beyond traditional tests for fitting hearing aids. Our goal is to get a complete understanding of the hearing needs of each individual, not just the hearing loss. As a result, patients, family members and their physicians can make informed decisions about their hearing healthcare.
Complete hearing assessments take 45mins to 1 1/2 hours

Baseline Tests

We can provide you with a baseline audiology test to monitor your hearing. These are often requested by employees or employers who operate loud equipment, or those working in the armed forces. Some job applications also require an up-to-date audiogram.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing Instruments

We provide expertly fitted hearing aids selected for their outstanding performance and durability. We continue to offer a complete system of support and aftercare for each of our patients, with all the experience and skills to make living with your hearing products simple. Learn more about the products we offer.

Earmold Impressions

Performed on-site, our qualified staff can produce high quality custom fitting solutions for your hearing aids. From hearing aids molded into the ear, to and ear protection for musicians, those working in noise, swimmers, airplane travellers, or anyone else, we have you covered.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Services

Hearing aid owners can attend our clinic for a hearing aid cleaning whenever required. Usually a routine cleaning should be done at 3-6 month intervals. No appointment is necessary.


Hearing aid repairs are performed on-site wherever possible. We offer in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs. We offer loaner hearing aids wherever possible, while your aids are being repaired.


We provide a full range of hearing aid batteries at a minimal cost.

Audiology First Are Vendors For:

Workers Compensation (WCB Alberta)

Thomas Copps, our Doctor of Audiology, is are able to provide you with your initial assessment as part of your WCB claim for hearing loss. We are also able to see existing WCB users for hearing aid repairs, adjustments, hearing tests and any other services they may require.

For more information on the workers compensation process, or to download the WCB hearing loss application form click here.


We are registered as AADL providers, which means we have access to all applicable provincial hearing aid subsidies for patients. We make this process simple for you, and we will discuss which level of coverage you are eligible for, or when you will become eligible in the future.

Veterans (DVA, RCMP, VAC)

Existing hearing aid users on the VAC programme are also invited to use our facility for hearing tests, repairs, adjustments. When the time comes to replace your older hearing aids, we will provide you with the most appropriate technology available.