Beyond hearing aids.

Hearing loss is complex and unique to each individual. Hearing aids are just the first step.

Hearing Loss Can Have Impacts On You In Many Ways

Whether its feeling isolated, reduced work performance, feeling frustrated or experiencing less social contact with friends, the impacts you feel from hearing loss are real.  We help you to understand what is affecting you personally and guide you to develop strategies to overcome them.  That’s why hearing aids are just the start. It’s the counselling and expertise you get from Audiology First that helps you get the most from your new technology.

Most Clinics Do a Simple Hearing Test. We Go Beyond:

  • To understand how well you hear simple sounds.
  • To see how clearly you can hear simple words.
  • To measure how well you hear complex speech in background noise.
  • To evaluate the health of your ears and help your doctor identify treatment if needed
  • Provide a clear and simple explanation of test results.
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Expertise | Precision | Experience

  • Understand and measure how each ear is different so both work better together
  • Ensure your new technology works for your real life, not just in our clinic.
  • Include your input to guide adjustments for comfort and clarity
  • Discuss realistic expectations with you based on facts unique to you
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Sometimes It Takes More Than a Hearing Aid

  • Custom adjustments to your device like extra microphones and background noise reduction
  • Counseling and training on how to wear and use
  • Tinnitus and hyperacusis management
  • Hearing protection and noise management
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How To Work With Us

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If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, or if you would like a second opinion on what your options are, contact us today to see how we can help.

Customized Treatment Plan

Everyone is unique. Some need to hear better at work, while others need help with social situations such as noisy restaurants. As different technologies help in different situations, it’s critical that we understand not only your level of hearing, but your lifestyle needs as well.

Hear Better Right Away

Many people experience joy & excitement when they hear better for the first time in a long time. Let our team get you started and so you can experience your discovery moment.

Why Choose Us?

These days it seems like you can get a hearing aid just about anywhere. From online to your local big box store along with your groceries.  And while that seems convenient, there are some things that you might want to consider.

The most important part of the hearing aid experience is not the device itself, but the testing, fitting, and training involved in learning how to use it for the best possible outcome.

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All staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Thomas Copps was very knowledgeable and made everything very simple. I can not recommend this clinic enough!


Was very short noticed, the staff went over and above in making sure my daughter had what she needed before leaving for school!


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