Audiology First Hearing Aids

Many individuals with hearing impairment can receive significant benefit from properly selected, expertly fitted hearing aids.

Your Choice of Styles

Invisible In The Canal

Suitable for first-time and experienced users with a mild to moderately severe hearing loss, who are looking for the ultimate discreet hearing solution.

Completely In The Canal

Suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing loss. This tiny custom style rests deep in the ear canal offering very good cosmetics and comfort.

In The Canal

Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. This style fills the concha or bowl of the ear and offers comfort and user controls such as a volume adjustment if desired.

In The Ear

Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. This style fills the outer ear and is often chosen when more power is required for a person’s hearing loss.

Behind The Ear

Suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. Available in both thin tube and hook solution, this style rests behind the ear and transmits sound to the ear via a tube.

Receiver In The Ear

Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. Unlike regular behind the ear hearing aids, RITE’s have the receiver built into the ear tip instead of behind the ear.

Roger FM

Roger Pen is a cutting-edge wireless microphone that enables people with hearing loss to hear and understand more speech in loud noise and over distance.


Bluetooth enabled accessories are available for most new products. They provide a hands free way of answering a phone call with your hearing aids. Additional adapters can be used to connect TV, MP3/CD players, or even landline telephones to your hearing aids, to enjoy a high quality wireless entertainment or communication solution.

Hearing Aid Supplies

We provide wax filters, domes and other replacement parts for your hearing aids as required. We are also able to supply a range of hearing aid sanitizing kits, electronic dryers and dehydrating jars to keep your hearing aids in good condition.

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Our experience and knowledge will ensure you get the right devices. One size does not fit all, and each hearing aid is a custom solution to a very individual problem. We use our training, our experience and your needs…. Our evidence based fitting process will provide you with confidence and clarity for years to come.