Why Choose Us?

We lead as the only clinic with Doctor Thomas Copps, one of Lethbridge’s most experienced Doctors of Audiology on staff. We offer a convenient location, ample free parking, and excellent accessibility. We have a clean, modern clinical environment.

It starts with the testing. At Audiology First, we go beyond a basic hearing test and go deeper. We test to understand how well you hear simple sounds, to see how clearly you can hear simple words, to measure how well you hear complex speech in background noise, and to evaluate the health of your ears and help your doctor identify treatment if needed. And after that, we provide you with a clear and simple explanation, along with an action plan on how to proceed.

It is a common assumption that simply getting the hearing aid is the solution to hearing loss. But what is overlooked is that you must learn to train your brain how to hear again.  Without the ongoing consultation and adjustments necessary, the experience can be disappointing.

Its also important to understand that the technology in today’s hearing devices is changing constantly. Often, the devices found at a discount have technology that is several years old. While functional, they simply don’t have the latest noise reduction and connectivity features that the latest models have.

When you work with us at Audiology First, you get in depth testing and assessment, the best possible fit with the latest technology from the best manufacturers on the market today, and customized training to make sure you get the best experience possible.  Come and see what we can do for you.

Understanding Comes First

We put each patient first. We help you understand your hearing loss and your hearing abilities before any further action is considered. If medical referrals or opinions are required, we make sure you get to see the right people.

Family & Friends

Since hearing loss also affects those you live with and socialize with, we encourage you to involve significant others and family members in your appointments with us. We are experienced at making things clear for both you and your family members.

Time & Technology

We take time to discuss the benefits and the limitations of the latest hearing technology in a practical, realistic way. We also understand that getting hearing aids is not an event, but just the start of a process of adaptation. We will be there to ensure your needs are met over time.

More About Us

  • WE LEAD as one of the only Lethbridge clinics with a dispensing Doctor of Audiology on staff.
  • We are independently and locally owned.
  • We know you, and have worked with many of you for years
  • We are qualified, fully registered, university educated and experienced.
  • WE LEAD by using cutting edge technology.
  • Convenient location, ample free parking, and excellent accessibility.
  • A clean, modern clinical environment.
Look Inside

By choosing Audiology First you:

Support your locally owned businesses and economy
Support those you know and trust
Can feel confident in your clinicians

Creating awareness of hearing loss means more than just a promotional opportunity. It’s about taking real action, all year round.


We will become involved in education, sponsorship, and charitable events to help develop awareness of hearing loss and the challenges it poses day to day.


Read our news section and our blog for information on what we are doing to raise awareness and support our community.


Our philosophy is transparency, accuracy and consistency.

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